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I'm not dead!

2013-03-22 10:18:54 by mecagir

Hey guys sorry for the lack of everything lately. I've been going to college and doing college things (homework) so I havn't had much time to animate anything. Over the last year all I did was a "Wisenheimers" Podcast animation and a few dumb/limited animation things on my YouTube page. But I am still working on the Demon Time 2012 conclusion. I know we're well into 2013, but I gotta wrap the story up. Plus I really like this one so far. It's not so much about 2012 as it is about terrorists so there's that. Oh! Also I started a dumb web comic called "The Stupid Adventures of Honk Hall". I'll probably upload some of that old last year shit just cuz I haven't all ready. Thanks for reading/ watching my shit!

mixed news everyone

2011-04-17 20:23:21 by mecagir

due to some recent virus troubles the newest Jacob stab episode will be split into two parts. this is because my laptop is fucked at the moment, luckily I salvaged Jacob but it is not complete. so the good news is the first part of the now 2 part Jacob should be up this week and that the story itself will be much longer since its now a 2 parter, the bad is that I don't know when I will be able to bring you the second part because of my horrible laptop issues. well thanks for reading and being a fan I'll keep all my eager fans (all 20 of you) updated as much as I can.


2010-12-30 12:44:42 by mecagir

Not that many of you care but I have a podcast now. I'm gona try and keep it somewhat up to date. so on the off chance you want to see it here ya go : -podcast/id412499365#ls=1


elmos back!

2010-09-27 23:33:15 by mecagir

so its time for that little red bastard to make his triumphant return in my long planned out (by which I mean had the basic concept but never animated or wrote it) Halloween special! this ones gonna be more of the original Elmo style too, by which I mean that people will talk and not be generic htf rip offs (sorry about that I just love that cartoon so damn much!) plus the animation will be slightly better, meaning the bulky outlines go away for the background I guess. look, this ones gonna be pretty good Its got zombies and chainsaws! plus I introduce Grover because 3 people aren't enough to kill! expect it around Halloween!

coming soonish!

2010-09-14 01:20:20 by mecagir

hello, loyal fans/ really bored person who's just reading random posts, just letting you guys know that there's some new things on the way. first off the first part of the demon time 20 minute 3 part sucktacular is done but over the file size, gonna see what i can do there if I'm screwed on newgrounds look for it on my you tube. secondly Justin Bieber's gotten off relatively Scot free for far too long ( did you SEE that water bottle video,that's never happened to a singer on stage before!) so he gets his ( and so do some certain brothers) in the wacky adventures of Justin Bieber. Thirdly (is that a word?) Jacob shit tits ass boner episode 2 is in progress. and finally there is gonna be a brand new Elmo Halloween special (if I get off my lazy ass in time for Halloween) so yeah I'm a multitask er, so what, wanna fight about it? oh before I go check out my neat little promo for all this crazy crap! FWF4
...theeere's teeechnooo....

20 minute demon time

2010-08-08 01:22:06 by mecagir

well i have decided to make a 20 minute long demon time about 2012 and terrorists! it will technically be 3 or 4 episodes but part 1 will be up soon. an once i am complete with this lame little saga I'm gonna put the entire episode ( the whole 20 minute episode) on you tube so you can view it the way it was meant to be seen as one big terrorist joke! ill try and keep all my fans ( all 3 of you) up to date with the progress.


2010-05-16 02:12:28 by mecagir

so its been about a year since a new demon time, but not to worry fans! ( all 16 of you) a new one is in the works! also in the works is a new series called jacob shit tis ass boner ( yep its as a weird as it sounds) anyways jacob should be on his way sometime this summer along with demon time!


demon time 6

2009-06-12 14:33:10 by mecagir

hey guys it's been like forever since I've made a demon time episode and since it seems to have disapointed a bit with its last installment (the christmas special LAST YEAR) I decied to keep the series a comin this time it's funnier I promise! this episode abba (blue guy) has fred (green guy) take him to carls jr. and let's just say that fred (green guy NOT the anoying youtube guy) speaks for me and in case you havn't guesed it I hate carls jr. so this episode is shaping up to be...... slightly less disapointing, ok I'll keep the 4 peole who read this updated...

elmo dies the game 2

2009-05-06 23:33:00 by mecagir

hi guys Im making a 2nd elmo dies the game this time beter animation and more gore! if you have any ideas for a mode of death you would like to see in the game please pm me! also heres a screen shot of one of the deaths!

elmo dies the game 2

demon time

2009-05-06 23:26:20 by mecagir

hi guys I'm curently doing the voices for the next episode of demon time! this time fred and abba go to carls jr. and fred gives them a peice of his mind! rhis episod eshould be done sometime next month or so though I'm not really shure....