Entry #12

I'm not dead!

2013-03-22 10:18:54 by mecagir

Hey guys sorry for the lack of everything lately. I've been going to college and doing college things (homework) so I havn't had much time to animate anything. Over the last year all I did was a "Wisenheimers" Podcast animation and a few dumb/limited animation things on my YouTube page. But I am still working on the Demon Time 2012 conclusion. I know we're well into 2013, but I gotta wrap the story up. Plus I really like this one so far. It's not so much about 2012 as it is about terrorists so there's that. Oh! Also I started a dumb web comic called "The Stupid Adventures of Honk Hall". I'll probably upload some of that old last year shit just cuz I haven't all ready. Thanks for reading/ watching my shit!


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